Don't be afraid of obesity! Let's start with regular exercise!

Obesity in Miami campus also is a serious issue, don't be lazy, do more exercise to keep fit!

Obesity is a very serious issues on campus! :: 2013/11/23(Sat)


These four picture come from the Google images search. All of above pictures show college life. We can see the person in the picture are obese.

Professor Ferrara, Nobrega and Dulfan do a study and claim that “Recent evidence suggests that 30 percent to 35 percent of college students are overweight or obese”. (560)

I interview 3 of my JPN class's classmates. The question is "what's your opinion about obesity?" and "Do you think this problem in our campus is serious?"

All my classmates take this problem to a serious level in US. They provide their own thinking of why college student becomes obese today and talk about this phenomenon in general.

When talking about this problem of our campus, one my classmate thinks serious and one thinks just for someone is serious, one thinks our campus is a health campus, this problem is not serious enough.

I also think this problem in our campus is serious, because we can often find obese students around us. Like in our classroom, campus street and dining hall.

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Why college student easily becomes obese nowadays? :: 2013/11/23(Sat)

One semester life of a college student

This cute comic story was drawn by my best friend Danna. I ask her for helping me draw a very simple story to show a process of how a college student becomes obese today.

Generally speaking, the main reason of college student's obesity can be divided into two:

Study pressure allows them work till late. They have to hunt for some food to fill a hungry stomach. This action leads to you intake high calorie and become obese. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute claims that "When you don't get enough sleep, your level of ghrelin goes up and your level of leptin goes down. This makes you feel hungrier than when you're well-rested" (2)

Lacking of exercise. Study loads let them don't have enough time to do some outside activities. However, once they has a day off, they would rather select stay at dorm to watch TV, play video game even just communicate with other on Facebook. Lacking of exercise can contribute to fat accumulating around the abdomen, which can lead to weight gain

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Influence of obesity! :: 2013/11/22(Fri)

❤obesity is a dangerous disease that bring about so many health risk, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes even cancer.

❤Obesity not only affects student health, also influence their daily life. To be more specific, college student who suffer from obesity, it will come along with many inconvenience for their study and life. For example, obese students need bigger place to sit, plus-size clothes and shoes, some students even can’t sleep in dorm bed.

❤A obese student will experience more medical problems as they reach middle age . It is mean to these students should spend much than normal for their health problem in their middle age.

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Don't be lazy, Recreational center in Miami is a good choice! :: 2013/11/22(Fri)

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute announces that “Physical activity can strengthen your muscles and keep your joints in good condition and strengthen your heart and help your lungs work better…Give you more energy and lower your risk for heart disease, heart attack, diabetes, and cancers”. (6)

Don't be lazy! Using your watching movie time and playing video game time to do some exercises!

So, in Miami campus, I strongly recommend you to go to rec center!
If you are a Miami university student, you can go rec center free! Just needs to show your student ID!


Those five pictures come from our school recreation web. In recreational center, our school provide complete facilities and different kinds of sports. Students also can choose sports course. This is a good way to control weight and keep health.

Doing exercise not only let your body get energy, it also a good way to exchange your emotion to others. To be more specific, the process of exercise can release student’s study pressures, meanwhile student can make new friends and hear some interesting news from others while doing sport. It is a good time for students to interactive to others.

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